Energy buyers: Five reasons why joining the Open Performance Fund should be part of your company’s strategy

The Open Performance Fund offers a new way for companies to buy energy, with all the benefits of strategic trading and results of proven performance.

Open Energy Market was built to change the way companies buy and manage their energy. Six years ago we set out to combine technology and industry experience to meet the needs of every type of energy buyer. That was the start of a never-ending journey of improvement and innovation.

By handing more insight and control to our customers, we opened up a flow of constant, valuable, industry-changing feedback. Every day brings us a better understanding of what energy users want and need from the supply chain - an understanding that we feed back into our products and services.

We know that prescriptive buying models don’t suit the majority of energy buyers. Selecting a fixed contract doesn’t rule out the power of in-depth market insight, when it’s delivered in the right way and at the right time; Signing up to a flexible buying strategy doesn’t have to come hand-in-hand with risk and surprise.

That’s why we’ve brought our mix of technology and insight to wholesale energy markets with the Open Performance Fund. Built to benefit established strategic buyers as much as those moving from fixed strategies, it opens up flexible procurement to everyone.

It’s an innovative trading model that’s earned us a spots as Best Energy Traders finalists at this year’s Energy Live Consultancy Awards.

But that’s just the start. Here are five reasons companies are joining the Fund built on performance:

The latest on the Open Performance Fund

1. It’s all based on Performance - and that’s verified

We can’t say it enough. The aim of the Fund is simple: a risk managed strategy that targets outperformance of the market average during set trading windows. That means not only beating the achieved price, but the average over 12 months. We have the strategy that does that - in fact, we’ve beaten that target every season since the Fund’s inception.

We don’t just say we outperform the market, we prove it. Our trades are independently verified by a Top-20 City Firm and the Fund results published across our energy platform and website. Take a look.

2. We work for you

You’re not alone in the Open Performance Fund. Join a growing number of buyers across gas and electricity funds. Each one benefits from our energy traders’ strategic approach to procurement, with security in numbers, budgeting, insight and proven results.

3. We make our performance yours

Our Fund members don’t just benefit from the sharpest trading throughout the season, and the inherent results of our flagship fund. Our performance-based model allows us to hand back a percentage of the saving achieved to every fund member at the close of every season. Take a closer look to see how that works.

4. You have full insight

Our Fund members are never out the loop. Alongside published results, the Open platform gives unprecedented insight into the Fund’s ongoing performance. That’s backed by a suite of Market Intelligence, designed to engage every energy buyer at just the right level, and published directly from the Performance Traders who manage the Fund.

5. Rely on industry-leading technology and service

The Open platform reflects your portfolio as much as Fund and market position. Personalised, live, and accessible 24 hours a day so you can report on the facts you need.

But you’ll never forget that behind it sits our expert traders and energy specialists, dedicated to you. From instant insight to regular meetings and calls, we make sure you’re up-to-speed and supported every step of the way.

Want to find more and see our latest results? Head over to our Fund page now and see why energy buyers are joining the Fund that performs.

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