We're a TELCA Finalist: Best Energy Traders

A year on from scooping the Consultant of Tomorrow award, attention has fallen on our Trading Desk. And it's all about Performance...

We are thrilled that our Performance Trading Desk has been nominated for the Best Energy Traders award at this year's The Energy Live Consultancy Awards.

At OEM, we have had an extraordinary year since picking up the Consultant of Tomorrow accolade at 2017's ceremony. Our company's grown and our platform, product suite and customer-base with it. And every step of the way we make sure we're living up to that award: bringing the future of energy management and procurement to our customers.

Our flexible procurement and energy trading services are no different. We launched the Open Performance Fund to change the way companies buy energy, opening up the features of flexible buying and all the benefits of constant market performance. We developed an innovative model based on the same transparency, simplicity and insight we bring to other types of energy procurement and management. And it's based on performance - outperforming the market and passing savings on to our customers season after season. We're really excited at the opportunity our Fund offers energy buyers, and recognised for the trading behind it, alongside the illustrious names on this category, really means a lot. Well done to our trading team!

Good luck to everyone nominated in this and every TELCA category. We're looking forward to the ceremony on 28 June and hope to see some of you there!


Now in its sixth year,  The Energy Live Consultancy Awards were established as the UK’s first independent specialised awards for the Energy Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) market - with a particular emphasis on promoting excellence throughout the industry. And it's that emphasis that gives nominations and wins such weight. Run by Energy Live News, the blind shortlisting process is managed by those whose opinions we value most - UK energy managers. It feels great to receive the recognition.


The latest on the Open Performance Fund

Making the Best Traders

Published, verified and always performing, take a closer look at our Open Performance Fund...

  • Access the wholesale energy markets through the Fund driven by performance
  • Our Fund members have confidence in published results and live tracking through the Open platform
  • Our unique shared savings structure keeps the emphasis on performance and the benefits for energy buyers
  • 100% out-performance since the fund's inception with all results Independently verified by a Top-25 City firm

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